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jim-moriarty-is-back asked:

Hey, I have a Sterek prompt for you if you want to write it,or not,that's totally fine. But I love it when your fics appear on my dash so I'd love for you to do it. So,it's set in one of those universes where people are born with their soulmates name tattooed on them. Stiles has Derek's name but there are lots of Derek's so that doesn't mean much. And Derek has Stiles' real name(whatever that is)so although they both really like each other it takes them ages to realise they're actually soulmates

This is the doomed generation Answer:


Whew! Done! This was a longer one, hope you like it! Unbeta’d so any and all mistakes are mine!


The name of Derek’s soulmate was hard to pronounce.  He had to ask two linguist specialists before he was able to utter is with any resemblance of confidence he wasn’t totally massacring it.  Now people say his accent is spot on, and he can’t help but preen a little inside.  When he was a child he often referred to his soul mate as just ‘S’ because that was the first letter and the only thing he could actually pronounce at the time.  His siblings always teased him about the name, saying whoever it was they must be hideous, or stupid, or both.  Derek always ignored them.  

They were only five after all.

By the end of high school Derek had been through a few relationships, all horrible save for one, and none of them were who he wanted.  He knew that people could live without their soulmates, find other people and settle down and be happy.  But Derek had a hunger that couldn’t be satisfied, he just felt like half of his was missing.  It was him that put an end to all his relationships, including all the ones he had through college and grad school.  There were mostly messy and angry because his partners could always feel he wasn’t fully ‘into them’. He always held something back and kept his distance, because they just weren’t ‘the one’.

Flash forward three years later and Derek was a journalist for the New York Times, one of the best in his field, and he had the corner office and name plaque to prove it, along with one maddening assistant.

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My fluffy need

I want an AU where Cas and Dean are both going to college and each live with several roommates. They are secretly dating and pride themselves on how they are able to fool their roommates and how quiet they are during sexy times.

They are not as quiet as they think they are and everyone knows they are a couple, but they have a pool on when the boys will out themselves and whether or not it is on purpose.

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